Cappuccino Writeup: Version 1 Design

After a long wait, we’re back again with another release: the Cappuccino. While I package and test, here’s some posts to tide you over.

A cappuccino is a drink traditionally made with three equivalent-volume portions of a double espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. In the care of a skilled barista, a cappuccino strikes a balance of deep espresso taste, smooth creamy mouthfeel, and aesthetically pleasing display.

The idea for this design came around the time I got started on the Matcha. I was discussing the Draupnir shape with friends when an interesting idea got floated around – what if we made a slightly smaller Draupnir? Maybe midsized, slightly on the smaller end of normal as opposed to the rather-large Draupnir. Codename Draupuccino.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anything reminiscent of the Draupnir in the Cappuccino though. The only design aspect inspired by the Draupnir was the raised, flat center hub. One thing I strive to achieve in ThrowCafe designs is that the profile looks slick with a fantastic weight distribution. As an engineer though, it’s a matter of personal pride that I build things to be durable… or more accurately, durable enough. The Cappuccino doesn’t need to have to be built like a tank if it’s a fast, performance-oriented design, but I wanted it to at least hold up to everyday damage.



The first prototype, 7075 with inner stainless steel rings, wasn’t up to my standards. With a rounded V-shape and glossy brick-red finish, it certainly looked nice and stood out. At just above 62g, it played heavier than I expected, yet without the reassuring sense of power that a heavier yoyo would have. Initial responses were pretty solid despite my misgivings, so I felt comfortable releasing the first set of prototypes as an experimental design.

About the cat: The cat started out as a joke and as an engraving test, but alla ya’ll apparently really like cats.

Meet Romeo. He’s kind of a very cat-like cat. Lives at my parents’ place. Moments after this picture was taken, he tried to grab the yoyo. Sticks his nose in everything new or interesting, like my laptop the first time I went back. Twitchy and protective of his “family” too. Basically a house-trained cat with feral blood.

He was not the inspiration for this yoyo, nor should he really be taken as the mascot. If the Cappuccino was his soul’s mirror it’d have a sharp catch zone and only bind the second time you want it to.