Winter 2017 Makers’ Cup

As someone with poor hand-eye coordination, I can attest to the difficulty of making or designing cool tricks. The “Makers’ Cup” will be an opportunity for all of you to share your ideas with the community.

The Rules:

You need to make a tutorial or writeup on something that is yoyo-related.

Your submission should be as long as it is to make it complete, without too much added fluff. Preferably 3-10 minutes in length if it’s a video, and a few pages’ worth if it’s a written guide.

These will be judged on a set of qualities:

  • Cleanliness – How easy is it to see? I don’t need you to use a high-quality camera, but good lighting and a simple background will help.
  • Presentation – How easy is it to understand? Plan out your script for videos and make sure your writing is easy to read if you do a written guide.
  • Innovation – Have I seen this before? You can definitely try to explain something that already exists if you think you can do a much better job, but I want to see something fresh! This is a relatively minor factor in judging but you should keep it in mind.
  • Viability – Is this something only you/certain people can do? What skills does it require that you can’t teach in the tutorial?
  • Fun Factor – How much do I enjoy watching/reading your thing?

Two winners will receive their choice of ThrowCafe release within the next three months. Whether that’s the current Cappuccino release or one of the next two things we’re working on, it’s up to you. Additional prizes and/or cooler stuff may come depending on how cool we think your creation is. This is kind of a trial run and we’re hoping to get a better handle on things if it’s done again in the future.

To submit, tag us on Instagram @throwcafe including the tag #makerscup. You can link Youtube tutorials or written guides on the Instagram post. Having a shorter preview pic or video is a really good way for you to promote your material in general!

Submissions should be received by February 4, 2018 at 11:59pm PST. That gives you about a month. Good luck!