Back in the Saddle Part 1: ThrowCafe This Summer

Back. Yet again. No idea how postgrad life will be, no idea how long ThrowCafe is gonna be active again past September. We’ll make the most of this summer, whatever it may bring.

First off, big announcement event-wise: ThrowCafe is joining the Boutique Yoyo Collective and we’re going to have yoyos at US Nationals. The Boutique Yoyo Collective is a group organized to let smaller brands sponsor big events as a group. There’s been opinions on both sides of things about whether this is good for the community. I’ve seen concerns that brands will use this as an excuse to pay less for sponsorships, or that it takes away from brand identity to just clump up with everyone else. Make no mistake – it doesn’t look as nice to be sharing a table, but it’s being managed responsibly. Very small brands that still want to contribute to the community or show up officially would definitely benefit. Check it out here:

I say brands and not companies because the large majority of yoyo makers are doing custom orders from the same few machine shops, and don’t do that much in-house. ThrowCafe is similar, and the lack of commitment on my part is one of the reasons I’ve been hesitant to start building a team. Y’all deserve better.

Anyhow, you’ll find a selection of Boba, Cappuccino, and the start of a proper Espresso run at Nationals. Not too many of each, but you’ll be able to try them out in person at the BYC booth.

If you wanted to meet me, you’re (still) out of luck. Will be in Japan while Nats is going on.

Upcoming posts will be mainly regarding yoyo design and production. Tidbits that a longer guide might not have covered, brief blurbs, and perhaps some community feedback on future yoyos. The Matcha 2 is still a long ways away, not even in the prototyping stage. But that could change, depending on what people want to see.