Cold Brew – it’s finally here.

The Cold Brew has been in the works for a long time. It’s always been intended to be a tribute to the Yoyomonster step-straight shape, but it’s undergone multiple radical design changes.

Version 1

We started out with a monometal prototype in parallel with Cappuccino development. This was going to be a special release for the pre-Christmas holidays (Halloween or Thanksgiving), but didn’t end up taking shape.

Left: Cold Brew Proto 1. Right: Mono Cappuccino Proto 1.

We wanted to replicate the bell-like ringing sound that some Yoyomonster yoyos made, which usually only happens with titanium. That worked, but the rest of the yoyo just wasn’t pretty or fun for us.

The Boba name ended up getting spun off into an organic shape yoyo instead. We really wanted the next yoyo after our monometals to be something high-performance while still a little quirky – a successor to complement the Cappuccino. So we decided to make another bimetal.

Version 2

This new yoyo wouldn’t have the overwhelming power of a typical bimetal, maintaining that ThrowCafe balance of fun, high performance, and durability we’re so proud of. The first prototype was heavily inspired by the first edition of the Yoyomonster Agonist, which also featured inner weight rings and a step-straight design. It was named the Cold Brew since we expected it to take a long time to refine, what with our other non-yoyo obligations AND the design being a bimetal.

Cold brew is made by steeping coarsely ground beans in cool water for about a day, and requires more beans per cup than your regular coffee. It tends to have a higher caffeine content and less acidity than a typical drip brew, but is less aromatic. I’ll prefer fresh coffee from a good shop when possible, but cold brew with high-quality beans is a delicious lifesaver for those crunch days when you just need some caffeine in the morning.

Our machine shop in China liked it and did a photoshoot with it.

Cute, but we’ve voiced our concerns about the collar.
(The collar seems comfortably loose, but cats should wear collars that will break loose upon snagging to keep their necks safe.)

Version 3

This bimetal went through a few virtual design reworks and one more prototyping run. We added a lot more aesthetic detailing – outer rim grooves, a stepped weight ring shape, and what could be dubbed the signature ThrowCafe “button” hub.

Button. Also, lines everywhere.

And this was the culmination of it all: A yoyo two years in the making.

62.5g, 56.0mm x 44.25 mm.
7075 aluminum with 314 stainless steel ring.

Experimenting with staggered drops so we can get the yoyos out to you promptly – new location means more travel time to the post office.

The fade release will be 16 March 2019 @ 4PM Pacific (2300 GMT).
Splash release will be 21 March 2019 @ 4PM Pacific (2300 GMT).

Hrm… this seems familiar.