3D printing is cool.

We love counterweights, begleri, and other fidgety toys. Primarily anything with unique colorways, and especially anything that’s affordable on top of that.

So we’re doing some yoyo-inspired begleri, because they look pretty. These are great for people who like plastic begleri as well as yoyoers who want to get started with slinging. Our plan isn’t to seriously branch out into other skill toys, but these were fun and we figured we’d share.

ThrowCafe IceCubes come in 2 varieties: 3-part and 2-part (coming later). They both basically work the same. They’re also totally 3D-printable on your own if you want! You’ll need a printer that’s tuned very well, or a little bit of sanding/filing to get things to fit.

Each pair of Cubes comes with:


Four 5/16″ nuts as counterweights and two printed nut spacers. Each nut weighs 4.5-4.6g, and the plastic shells weigh ~5.5g. So your weight options are 5.5g (crazy light), 10g, and 14.5g.

If you want to use old yoyo bearings as weights, each bearing is ~2g. The fit is very tight, so you may need to sand the begleri shaft down a bit. We recommend using a nut + bearing if you want a 12g bead. You can stack up to three bearings instead of using any nuts though.


You’ll get 3 pieces of 275 paracord with each set. These begleri are optimized for smaller cords and lighter beads, but they’ll also take 550 paracord if you smooth out the inner hole and fiddle with the cord a lot. Aroundsquare uses 3.5mm holes, and our printed shafts are 3.5mm as well.

Braiding 3 yoyo strings together will also get you a usable cord thickness, and some super fat string might just straight-up work if you have a bead to tie it around.

Cubes and Setup

We’ll glue the top half of the 3-part cubes together for you, so everything will just have a top and a bottom piece. Put however many weights you want, snap the halves together, and play. I’ll click and clack and rattle like beads will, that’s totally normal and lets you tweak your setup.

If you’ve got a setup you like and want to make it quieter: use some sort of glue (hot glue is good enough) and affix the nuts to the base. Try not to get glue in the hole so you can still feed through paracord.

Initial release will match up with the Cold Brew drop today and Wednesday. We’ll probably put up a few here and there after that. 🙂

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