ThrowCafe makes yoyos. Established in 2016.

Our designer has an engineering background and wanted to make the crazy, small-run kind of yoyo more accessible for the rest of the community. To those ends, we’ve been making yoyos that look pretty sweet and are competitive in terms of price point and performance.

What does that mean? Simply put, most of our yoyos will be a lil’ nonstandard. Smaller than usual, lighter than usual, or with a few added features like weight rings, but always with an attention to keeping performance close to the yoyos you’re comfortable with. We pick the right material to fit what we want to do with the design, and put the finished product up for a fair price.

We don’t want to call our yoyos “the best,” “precision engineered,” or any other superlative marketing term. Just know that they’re good yoyos. Talk to people who’ve played one, or trust us to give you an honest impression and pick one up.

If you’ve got a suggestion for what we should do next, hit us up at throwcafe(at)gmail(dot)com, or on Instagram @throwcafe!