Cappuccino – Hibiscus Fade – SOLD OUT


Diameter: 55.5 mm
Width: 44.3 mm
Weight: 61.7 g

Axle: m4 x 8mm
Bearing: Concave
Response Pad: 19mm
Material: 7075 Aluminum


  • Container
  • ThrowCafe sticker
  • Kitty Normal string (random color)
  • O-ring pair
  • 1″ Cappuccino pin

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Start your day with the Cappuccino! It’s light yet stable, smoothly sliding through any trick you throw at it. This full-sized design machined from 7075 aluminum is meant for everyday play. We at ThrowCafe love monometals because they’re more durable than bimetals, and we worked really hard to make the Cappuccino perform like a bimetal.

Taking inspiration from designs of the past, we give you the option of adding o-rings for more weight as well. The Cappuccino with o-rings packs a surprising punch without completely changing its play characteristics.