Matcha – Greyscale


The Matcha started out as a pet project to experiment with creating a yoyo with unique dimensions. It really came to life after the results were even better than expected and a few more changes brought the entire package together. As a wide, small, bimetal with a large amount of rim weight, it’s powerful and maneuverable.

Like its culinary counterpart, the Matcha has a unique feel, both on the string and in your hand. The smooth finish is a luxuriously shiny surface, lightly blasted for excellent grinds and fingerspins – we wouldn’t offer it if it didn’t! The blasted finish is something more standard, a soft touch that gains character as it breaks in.

Diameter: 52mm
Width: 46mm
Gap Width: 4.4mm
Weight: 65.6g
Response: Standard 19mm

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The Matcha ships with YYSL Type X string.


Additional information

Weight 66.3 g
Dimensions 46 × 52 × 52 mm