Matcha Announcement

Hey everyone! Darren here with a new project. If you’ve been on Reddit or Facebook, you’ve probably seen me posting a bit about the Matcha. Super excited to do an official announcement and get the ball rolling.

I’ve been working on this yoyo for about half a year now. As a bioengineering undergrad student in the middle of midterms, I’m trying to get the release ready as soon as possible for you all in a satisfying manner, while I scramble to get the backend set up.

But first, some articles. Y’all probably noticed that when it comes to technical things, I like to talk a decent amount. I’ll try to channel my literary skills more than usual to make these articles fun, and as concise as possible. Think of it as “Spicy Yoyo Reviews, But Tasty Spice.”

In the pipeline are:

* The Origin Story: Why Matcha?
* The Brew: From CAD to Prototype to Manufacturing
* The Guts: Stress and Performance Testing
* The Polish: Packaging and Aesthetics

I’ll be posting articles up every few days as I get them done. Professional quality? Not so much. I’m a guy making yoyos, slowly getting better at this “website prettification” stuff.