Cappuccino Packaging & Polish (And Art!)

The Cappuccino is something that I’m really happy to share, and I’m excited to try out some other forms of art and merch. I originally intended for it to be a simple release, but there’s so many things that I’m including at a price point of $65 because I just love experimenting.

For those who are just interested in release date, scroll to the very bottom. I won’t feel bad, I promise.

This is the fourth colorway. Cappuccino splash. Brown-clear acid wash with black speckle.

Oh, and the engraving for the Cappuccino isn’t bad either. The splash covers up the engraving to some degree. Some people may prefer a more subtle look to the Cappuccino, so one side is unengraved.

Cat family.

For the art I tried my hand at Krita, which is an open-source drawing tool. Didn’t go all that well. Pressure control is a completely new beast, even though I’ve had a bit of experience with brushes and pencil art. You just don’t get the same kind of feedback as you do from a teardrop-shaped, springy horsetail brush or even the intricacies of pencil shading. Digital painting requires a heavier hand or better equipment, but I doubt the latter. I really have a lot of respect for the artists who can work with this modern medium.

I went back to converting physical art into digital, and made a few different sketches for pins in addition to the engraving. These were done by a third-party company that offers a matte blast, which feels and looks amazing. My only concern is the non-standard pin, but I wore a pin on my shorts for a full day and it stayed on without a problem.

Definitely not Atalanta.
I saw a thread on a Facebook yoyo group mention cat girls. I drew some things. I hope you’re happy. There are no red archers here. Any potential resemblance is purely coincidental.

The matte Cappuccino pin will come with each yoyo, while the others are available separately. For those of you who like buttons and don’t want to buy the yoyo, the full set of buttons is also available for purchase separately.

I’ve had experience in the past with scrapbooking, and I brought that back for the labels on the Cappuccino. They are stamped with pigment and dye ink, matching each yoyo colorway. These are water-resistant with clear acrylic spray, which makes them more like a vinyl sticker than paper. I’m leaving you the option of using them and leaving the backing unfinished, because I believe in options there as well.


Everything that comes with the Cappuccino. I will be laser-cutting the stickers for a cleaner edge, but that will not be possible until next week.

Oh, and don’t think I forgot to mention the release date. These will release on Monday, August 21 at 03:00PM Pacific Time (22:00 GMT). $65 + shipping, and anything extra for accessories. If you’re in the US, they will ship out on Tuesday and hopefully arrive in time for the weekend. 🙂