ThrowCafe September Update


I’ve wanted to write a thank you post for the support ever since we sold out. The enthusiasm from everyone has been exciting, yet exhausting for my introverted soul.

Got a few things in the works, preparing for grad school, and really just doing a lot of self-care. Things that I’ve learned recently:
I love flat pillows. Firm, flat pillows or even a bundle of bedsheets.
Easy to get a good night’s sleep with that and a little bit of white noise.
Oolong tea is great and tasty, besides the caffeine.
Taking 5 minutes in the morning to plan things out and relax/meditate helps. A lot.

Sleep is the biggest thing though. I don’t know if there’s any sort of professional help that won’t cost you a fortune, but I stumbled upon a few things that helped.

I want to give a shoutout to, but even more importantly everyone who’s been there for someone who’s needed support, whether it’s reaching out and making an effort or just being available when things get tough.

I need to rely on others more instead of handling it all personally, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve needed to take a break from things. It’s the same for anyone else who might be struggling with anxiety. Try and find some time to get out of your comfort zone and change things up. The investment that you put into yourself will pay off quickly.


On a more yoyo-oriented note: I’ve got some other designs in the works, and a second run of Cappuccinos. There will be completely new colorways – both splashes and fades.

Yoyo-related side projects will be featured as well. I love teaching or at least exposing y’all to other things that people do in the community. It’s one of the reasons I love this hobby. Things come and go, some of the old farts might be grouchy over trends and memes, but there is so much experimentation that goes on as well.

Thinking of doing another post on string making, now that there have been quite a few small companies with different types of small batch string. Also going to talk more about yoyo storage.

All in all, keep an eye out for more posts on Instagram @throwcafe for more yoyo shenanigans.