IceCube Begleri Kit (Tricolor)


We decided to try something new. These begleri are inspired by yoyo counterweights, but are definitely not yoyo counterweights.

Your weight options are 5.5g (crazy light), 10g, and 14.5g per bead. Add a yoyo bearing instead of a nut for ~2g increments.

3D printed in primarily PETG and HTPLA+ for higher impact resistance than standard PLA, but they’ll still wear down over time.

NOTE: These are NOT compatible with yoyo strings as-is. 

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Ships with:

  • 2 Begleri Cap pieces
  • 2 Begleri Base pieces
  • 2 plastic nut spacers
  • 4 5/16″ nuts
  • 2 pieces of 275 Paracord

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